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The next steps of storage virtualization


 Marc Staimer

The next steps of storage virtualization
Marc Staimer, president and CDS, Dragon Slayer Consulting

Large or small, Marc Staimer believes it is going to be more disruptive to NOT implement virtualization than to install it. Major production implementations are becoming commonplace. Quite a few are planning or implementing virtualization to deliver storage and its functionality as such a service. This videocast will prepare you for designing, developing and deploying a plan that specifically addresses the unique issues surrounding a successful implementation of virtualization delivered storage as a service and will allow storage to move from a cost to profit center.

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About the speaker
Marc Staimer is the CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting in Beaverton, OR. He is widely known as one of the leading storage market analysts in the network storage and storage management industries. His consulting practice of 6+ years provides consulting to the end-user (>200) and vendor (>70) communities. Most of his consulting is in the areas of strategic planning as well as product and market development. Marc's 23 years of marketing, sales and business experience in the storage, software and systems industries, combined with his years of research into the MIS community, give him unique business, systems and market expertise.

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This was first published in November 2007

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