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July 2013

Building the best VMware storage architecture

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This chapter is included in the Storage for VMware E-Book.

Data storage managers tasked with creating a strategic vision must come to terms with a hard fact: VMware places new and sometimes unprecedented pressures on storage. Physical servers can be consolidated into a single VMware host, and virtual servers are transportable to other hosts, storage systems and even other data centers. When contemplating an efficient VMware storage architecture, you need to choose a storage protocol, estimate overhead associated with various IPs and decide how to leverage solid-state drives. Whether you are building a virtualized environment to replace a dozen servers or 100 servers, robust storage architectures will be needed to maximize your investment. We outline the chief questions you need answers to when architecting a VMware environment.

About The Author

George Crump - President

George Crump is president of Storage Switzerland, an IT analyst ...Read More