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George Crump - President and founder
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As server virtualization has given way to a generation of data centers that look nothing like their predecessors, with single physical hosts for many virtual machines, the technology has also provided today’s storage managers with new challenges. Storage read-and-write traffic, and the randomness of those reads and writes, can add up to I/O bottlenecks and big headaches for data storage managers grappling with VMware storage performance. The good news is that flash technology provides the perfect answer to virtualized workload demands thanks to its zero latency, high-performance capabilities that make it impervious to random I/O workloads. The newest flash offerings include server-side flash and shared storage projects. This feature takes an in-depth look at how and where to implement flash in your environment to tackle VMware storage performance issues.  Access >>>

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George Crump - President and founder

George Crump is president and founder of Storage Switzerland, an... Read More

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