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August 2013 Vol. 12 No. 6

Configuring Hyper-V storage

New storage features make the maintenance and configuration of Hyper-V storage and Windows Server easier than ever for Microsoft–based virtual environments. Microsoft Hyper-V Server offers numerous, and powerful, storage features that provide flexibility, availability and (potentially) a reduced total cost of ownership for data centers. Hyper-V Server is available in a number of different editions, both paid and free. You'll find Hyper-V 3 in the commercial version of Windows Server 2012 and in the free Hyper-V Server. No matter which edition you use -- with the exception of Client Hyper-V in Windows 8 -- all the storage features discussed below are available now. Data center software is voracious In Mark Andreesen's famous article "Why Software Is Eating the World" (The Wall Street Journal, August 2011), he discussed how software companies' products are disrupting traditional industries around the world. Hyper-V Server is one of those pieces of software with the ability to replace what has previously been provided by numerous ...

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  • Myths surrounding big data technology

    by  Mike Matchett

    Big data technology is a big deal for storage shops, and a clear understanding of what it means is required to configure storage for big data apps.