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March 2014 Vol. 13 No. 1

Storage for virtual servers getting smarter

New products designed from the ground up to specifically serve storage for virtual servers can offer dramatic savings in terms of dollars and the time spent managing storage. Over the past few months, Taneja Group Labs has done a considerable amount of work with products I'll call next-generation virtual infrastructure storage, including Hewlett-Packard's StoreVirtual VSA products, Tintri's VMstore and VMware's Virtual SAN (VSAN). Some of them are described as software-defined storage, while others are more akin to virtualization-specific storage, but they all represent an emerging class of storage that appears poised to fundamentally alter virtual infrastructure administration. Each product has proven intriguingly useful in making virtualization storage a bit more agile and much more automated, even though each approaches the issue from a different angle. StoreVirtual VSA is deeply injected into the virtual infrastructure and has a uniquely versatile approach to scalability: basically, you can run it anywhere and keep adding ...

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