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September 2013 Vol. 12 No. 7

Software-defined storage might not be so radical after all

While software-defined storage is receiving lots of buzz, it isn't as new an idea as it may seem; storage virtualization vendors have been working toward it for years. Realizing that this column will be published shortly after the 2013 VMworld conference, I'm quite confident that the trendiest marketing buzz among us is now -- and will be post-VMworld -- "software defined." The idea is that virtualized services based on software will create an infrastructure that can be dynamically defined and able to adapt to changing business needs faster than infrastructures based on physical systems that must be managed independently. It'll be possible to provision optimal logical services irrespective of the makeup or even the location of the physical infrastructure. Software-defined everything is a hot topic, so it's no surprise that vendors have been touting software-defined storage (SDS). Is software-defined storage for real? The concept of software-defined storage strikes many data storage veterans as a pretty radical one. We've long ...

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