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February 2014 Vol. 12 No. 12

Virtualize servers for better data protection

There aren't many reasons not to virtualize servers in your storage environment, but there are plenty of compelling data protection reasons to go ahead and virtualize them all. Most people have known me as a "backup dude" for more than 23 years, but if I wasn't a backup dude, I'd be a virtualization guy because of the data protection benefits that virtualization brings. So, is it exaggeration to say all servers should be virtualized? Not at all. And I'm serious when I say every single one. There are very few exceptions to my rule, with the biggest, most legitimate exception being the need for the OS/application to interact directly with hardware, such as a USB key, tape drive or peripheral. With modern compute hypervisors showing so very little latency in I/O performance between physical access to resources and virtualized resources, it's not an excuse for 99.99% of us to stay physical due to performance concerns or CPU/memory requirements and so on. Even if you have a single app running on the OS as the only server in a ...

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