Advantages of storage monitoring tools in virtual environments

Storage monitoring tools aid virtual environments

Storage monitoring tools can be essential to IT management by pinpointing bottlenecks and performance thresholds. However, because traditional tools look to the operating system to gather information, virtual environments (which use OS emulators and multiple virtual ports within each physical host) can render older performance monitoring tools unreliable. Furthermore, traditional tools may not be able to differentiate virtual machines from actual hosts. To eliminate inaccuracies, tools designed specifically for storage monitoring in virtual environments are becoming increasingly popular. This guide will help you to better understand these tools and see how some of your peers are using them.

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Storage performance monitoring in virtual environments takes application approach

The rise of server virtualization has made storage performance monitoring more difficult than it used to be because traditional tools may not be able to distinguish between virtual machines and physical hosts. Due to the potential inaccuracy of these tools, storage performance monitoring applications built specifically for hypervisor environments have become more popular. Learn more about specific virtualization-aware storage performance monitoring tools and how they work.

Storage monitoring tools reverse hospital's storage performance problems

For hospitals that have large amounts of critical data, SAN outages and inefficient monitoring of storage can cause problems that affect patients' lives. Using effective storage performance monitoring tools can be essential to solving conflicts quickly while preventing further problems. Find out how the right performance monitoring tools were able to drastically improve one large health care provider's VMware environment.

Storage performance analysis with VMware

In a virtual environment, the source of lags in performance is not always clear. With storage performance analysis, the exact resource that is creating the problem can be determined and therefore addressed more easily. VMware provides tools that can effectively monitor VMware environments, but third-party tools can be good options as well. In this podcast, VMware expert Mike Laverick explains which tools he thinks are best and how they work.

Third-party tools help with VMware storage monitoring

In this podcast, VMware expert David Davis argues that while VMware offers tools to monitor the virtual environment, and storage vendors have tools that monitor storage, both only provide insight into one aspect of an environment and have limited information about the virtual infrastructure itself. Third-party tools, he says, are needed to make the most out of a virtual infrastructure because they give a broader range of information. Find out the advantages of using third-party storage monitoring tools in a VMware environment.

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