Data Storage Solutions for a Virtual Environment

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  • The evolution of virtual server technology: Hypervisor-aware storage

    As virtual server technology gradually grew to dominance in most data centers, it became apparent that many traditional storage systems weren't up to the task of serving these new virtualized server environments. Performance issues cropped up as SANs... 

  • Choose storage that's smart enough for virtual environments

    Virtualization solves a lot of problems, but it also presents new challenges, especially related to storage. Do you need new tools that address virtual servers' specific challenges? And when is it helpful to virtualize storage? Virtualization-aware s... 

  • Our predictions of the hot data storage trends for 2014

    For the eleventh year, Storage magazine and SearchStorage editors offer their list of storage technologies likely to have an impact on data centers in the coming year. Our choices focus on techs that have matured to the point where they’re ... 

  • How to tap into advanced hyper-v features

    This handbook is designed to help data storage professionals manage their Hyper-V deployments, and the impact of Hyper-V on their systems, from the outset instead of waiting for storage performance problems to appear. Learn from experienced IT analys... 

  • Goodbye, old backup app

    There’s hope for storage shops straining to back up ever-growing data stores, but it might mean using a modern backup alternative instead of a traditional backup app. The usual scenario of weekly fulls/daily incrementals can break down as data ove... 

  • VMware performance tuning: Finding areas of storage contention

    The challenge is clear: Maximize the number of virtual machines (VMs) on each physical host in your environment without sacrificing storage performance. Data storage managers from companies of all sizes and vertical industries know the power of VMs, ... 

  • Making the most of VMware storage performance

    As server virtualization has given way to a generation of data centers that look nothing like their predecessors, with single physical hosts for many virtual machines, the technology has also provided today’s storage managers with new challenges. Sto... 

  • How to allocate and configure virtual machine storage

    Two key tasks of a virtual server implementation are determining how much storage will be needed to support the system, and how to handle the initial provisioning and configuration of the virtual storage. The complexity of shared storage, inconsisten... 

  • Cloud-based DR to the rescue

    Disaster recovery (DR) scenarios used to require dedicated or rented alternate data center sites, but cloud storage services have helped slash the cost of getting data offsite in a recoverable mode. Pairing cloud storage with cloud-based servers allo... 

  • Building the best VMware storage architecture

    Data storage managers tasked with creating a strategic vision must come to terms with a hard fact: VMware places new and sometimes unprecedented pressures on storage. Physical servers can be consolidated into a single VMware host, and virtual servers... 

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  • ODX (Offloaded Data Transfer)

    Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) is a feature in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 that speeds up copy and move operations by allowing them to be performed by the storage hardware rather than the operating system. 

  • software-defined data center (SDDC)

    A software-defined data center (SDDC) is a data storage facility in which all elements of the infrastructure -- networking, storage, CPU and security – are virtualized and delivered as a service. Deployment, provisioning, configuration and operation ... 

  • FlexPod

    FlexPod is a reference architecture for server, storage and networking components that are pretested and validated to work together as an infrastructure stack. 

  • Storage vMotion

    Storage vMotion is a component of VMware vSphere that allows the live migration of a running virtual machine’s file system from one storage system to another with no downtime. 

  • raw device mapping (RDM)

    Raw device mapping (RDM) is an option in the VMware server virtualization environment that enables a storage LUN to be directly connected to a virtual machine from the SAN. 

  • vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA)

    vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) is a set of application program interfaces (APIs), released with VMware’s vSphere 5, that enables vSphere vCenter to recognize the capabilities of storage arrays that support the API. 

  • Profile-Driven Storage

    Profile-Driven Storage is a feature in vSphere 5 that lets users to intelligently provision applications, mapping VMs to storage levels according to service levels, availability, performance needs or cost. 

  • Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

    VMware DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) is a load balancing utility that assigns and moves computing workloads to available hardware resources in a virtualized environment.  

  • vStorage API for Multipathing (VAMP)

    vStorage API for Multipathing (VAMP) is a set of application program interfaces (APIs) from VMware that help to control I/O path selection in a host to storage devices.  

  • vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI)

    vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) is an application program interface (API) framework from VMware that enables certain storage tasks, such as thin provisioning, to be offloaded from the VMware server virtualization hardware to the storage arr... 

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