Storage Network Virtualization

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  • VMware performance tuning: Finding areas of storage contention

    The challenge is clear: Maximize the number of virtual machines (VMs) on each physical host in your environment without sacrificing storage performance. Data storage managers from companies of all sizes and vertical industries know the power of VMs, ... 

  • Making the most of VMware storage performance

    As server virtualization has given way to a generation of data centers that look nothing like their predecessors, with single physical hosts for many virtual machines, the technology has also provided today’s storage managers with new challenges. Sto... 

  • Building the best VMware storage architecture

    Data storage managers tasked with creating a strategic vision must come to terms with a hard fact: VMware places new and sometimes unprecedented pressures on storage. Physical servers can be consolidated into a single VMware host, and virtual servers... 

  • Storage for VMware

    Many of today's storage managers are well versed in virtual server storage and its benefits. But they are also growing familiar with the host of unique challenges, efficiencies and trouble spots associated with storage for VMware environments. With a... 

  • Windows Storage Spaces

    Windows Storage Spaces is a feature in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 that is used to virtualize and provision storage. 

  • LUN zoning

    LUN zoning is a method of configuring SAN fabric to match logical unit numbers (LUNs) to the proper servers. As a rule, end devices such as hosts can only see and access storage within their zone. Limiting access in this way improves security and all... 

  • LUN masking

    LUN masking is a further constraint added to zoning, subdividing access to the port so that only LUNs authorized to access a specific server can access the corresponding port. 

  • virtual storage area network (VSAN)

    A virtual storage area network (VSAN) is a logical partition in a storage area network (SAN). VSANs allow traffic to be isolated within specific portions of a storage area network. 

  • I/O virtualization (IOV)

    I/O virtualization (IOV) is the abstraction of upper layer protocols from physical connections or physical transport. 

  • Fibre Channel port names

    Fibre Channel port names 

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    Infrastructure as a Service is a provision model in which an organization outsources the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. The service provider owns the equipment and is responsible ... 

About Storage Network Virtualization

The Storage Network Virtualization topics page offers news articles, tips, tutorials, guides, special reports and podcasts for data storage professionals looking for storage network virtualization best practices information. Look here for advice and guidance on storage network virtualization, I/O virtualization, I/O virtualization products and standards, I/O devices and I/O resources. In addition, you can find information about vendors and suppliers involved in I/O virtualization and storage network virtualization.